The Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce hosts the largest fund raising event the “Jaffrey Festival of Fireworks.” The festival is a family friendly event which began in 1990 as a partnership between the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce, Atlas Pyrovision and the Jaffrey Silver Ranch Airpark. On the third Saturday in August the skies over Jaffrey light up with a world class fireworks display, which is choreographed to music by our very own international award winning company ~ Atlas PyroVision, based in Jaffrey, New Hampshire since 1949.

There are numerous activities going on in the Monadnock Region the week of our event. Check out our Stay & Play page to see what’s happening and lodging information. The gates open at 4:30pm and music is provided by SOWA ENTERTAINMENT as well as rock climbing wall and a variety of game and food vendors. Over the years, the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce has contributed financially to a variety of projects, including the Rails to Trails, the Jaffrey welcome signs, safety equipment for our police, fire and ambulance departments, the Jaffrey Welcome Center as well as many other community improvement projects. The goal of the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce is to provide for "the betterment of our community"…our vision that keeps on giving!


1. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED. Possession of alcohol will result in confiscation plus a fine and/or arrest.
2. The following are NOT permitted: Fires, grills, barbecues, personal fireworks, laser lights, silly string, breakable glass, skateboards or bicycles. (You may leave your bike at a designated area near the west gate ticket booths- at your own risk.) AND NO PETS.
3. Traffic will be directed out in the basic order in which it comes in.
4. If walking to or from the Festival, please do not obstruct traffic.
5. No unauthorized vendors allowed - product will be confiscated.
6. Please carry out your trash, or place in provided barrels and dumpsters.
7. For your safety, remain out of restricted areas (orange fence).
8. SAFETY LANE: You may walk in the designated SAFETY LANE… however, no vehicles allowed except POLICE, FIRE, RESCUE, or OFFICIAL STAFF. Note: No Chairs, coolers, umbrellas, etc. should encroach into the SAFETY LANE, so that it remains CLEAR at all times.
9. Tents no larger than 10’ x 10’ and umbrellas may be TEMPORARILY used but ALL must be taken down no later than 7:00 p.m.
10. THE HANDICAP PARKING is limited for those who need it. Please do not abuse its use! Note: Rapid exit is not possible except by EMERGENCY use of ambulance or police. Please plan accordingly.
11. We ask that you respect the grounds, fences, turf, steep bankings and vegetation by being careful about where you drive and walk.
12. NO BUTTS, PLEASE... We ask that you respect the grounds and the people around by refraining from smoking. Please do not leave cigarette butts or litter on Jaffrey Airport property.
Thank You!


Save time and exit to the right! Eastbound traffic always moves faster!
After the show, all vehicle traffic will exit the Jaffrey Airport in two lanes thru the East Gate.
RIGHT lane MUST turn right onto Route 124.
LEFT lane MUST turn left onto Route 124.
NOTE: LEFT lane may turn left ONLY after pedestrian traffic has cleared.
SUGGESTION: Westbound traffic (to Keene) may exit RIGHT onto Route 124 East for about 5 miles to Route 123 North to Route 101; or for about 1 mile to Prescott - Cathedral Road to Route 119.