The Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce welcomes For-Profit and Non-Profit vendors to apply. Limited space is available. We do limit the number of vendors providing similar services. Please fill out the application provided and read a copy of all rules and regulations set forth by the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce, Jaffrey Fire Chief, Town of Jaffrey, NH State Regulations (for-Profit) and Jaffrey Silver Ranch Airport .

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor please contact the Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce for approval.

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Please run a clean and neat vending operation. Cigarettes and plastic bread-bag clips and other small items are particularly hard to pick up after our event. Please have and use adequate trash receptacles.


PLEASE do not dig any holes or dump any liquids. NO spillage or dumping of fat or grease or other waste liquids onto the ground. Any vendor found to violate this requirement will be charged a minimum $250 cleanup fee and will not be allowed to return next year. Only small quantities (I gallon or less) of cooking oil or fat can be handled with the site trash pickup. Be sure it is in a suitable container that does not leak. Do not plan to empty your Fryolator or like equipment here. Take it home! Previously, somebody filled large trash bags with cooking fat and left them to break and leak onto the ground. Anyone found doing this would not be allowed back!


The Hand Wash Station is absolutely off limits for washing of anything except your hands! NO washing of pans or equipment. NO grease, NO garbage!


Do not cut or open any fences during or after this event. If you have a perceived need to go through a fence, please clear it in advance with Harvey Sawyer, Site Manager.


Be sure to get EXIT instructions from whoever is checking Vendors for departure.


The following items may not be sold and are not allowed on the premises:
  • Alcohol
  • Glass Containers
  • Laser Lights
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Realistic Looking Toy Guns
  • Martial Arts Weapons (Num-Chucks/Throwing Stars)
  • Personal Fireworks
  • Stink Bombs
  • Silly String
Any other item deemed unsuitable by the management. THANK YOU for your cooperation. We hope you have a very successful event!